How Do I Order Direct Mail Service?

Direct Mail Service

Once you have your mail piece designed, place an order for printing, addressing, and delivering them to the post office.

  1. Place the order for printing the Postcards and be sure to select the Direct Mail Service option in the Instant Calculator. During Checkout - select In-Store Pickup for the shipping option
  2. Email or upload your mailing list - preferably in excel, comma delimited or tab file, along with your order.
  3. Once we have your mailing list - we will know the exact postage amount for the mailing. You will be emailed instructions to pay for the postage along with the service charge. See related FAQs below for getting a rough estimate.
  4. Once we receive the payment - we will verify your addresses, presort, print the address on the postcards and deliver it to San Jose, CA Bulk Mail Center. The entire process takes 2-3 days after the postcards are printed.
  5. There are 2 types of Direct mailing - Standard Mail (Minimum 200 pieces, cheaper postage and is delivered in 7-12 days) & First Class Mail (Minimum of 500 pieces and is delivered in 3-5 days). Please let us know which one to use for your mailing.