How To Create TWO Color Artwork In Adobe Illustrator?

Preparing Artwork > Offset & Digital Printing

If you are ordering a product that is either one or two colors then the files must have proper color separation before they can be printed. Below are the steps for creating proper color separation in Adobe Illustrator CS2 (please use your own judgment when using other version of the same program or different programs)

Below is an example for creating a file with TWO colors (Pantone Black + PMS 072)

STEP 1 - In Illustrator go to Windows>Swatch Libraries> select Pantone Solid Uncoated. A new color swatch will open up. Select PMS 072 and Pantone Black and bring it to your current working Swatch Window.

STEP 2 - Now create your artwork in Illustrator making sure that you ONLY use these 2 colors in your design, by selecting the colors from the swatch.

STEP 3 - Verify that the artwork has only TWO colors before uploading it to your order on Go to File>Print>then choose Adobe PostScript File as the printer. Select Output from the left side of the print dialog box. Select Mode and then choose Separation (Host Based). When you do this you should only see the small printer mark next to the two colors you chose in the swatches. If that is the case the file is properly color separated. If not then find out what artwork has that colors and then select the correct color. (TIP: Print to a PDF with the Seperation chosen and then you will see a PDF with all the color pages and you can see which artwork is not color separated.)