How to use our Templates in Adobe Photoshop

Preparing Artwork

Step 1: Open Adobe Photoshop. Go to File->Open and go to the folder where you saved the pdf template file.   


When opening the pdf file, the following window will appear (as shown below) Make sure that the settings in the image correspond to those on your screen. Select all pages (if multi-page template) Resolution: 300 and Mode: CMYK


1.   Go to Windows > Layers (only if layer pallette is not visible) 


2.   Create a layer called "My Artwork" for your design. Please refer to the template for proper placing for your text & images.

3.   You can hide the instruction layer or delete it. There will be guides available for proper placement of you artwork  

Note: If your artwork has images make sure to use 300 dpi resolution for all images.

4.   Once you have the artwork completed, go to File->Save and save it in PDF format.

For proper PDF settings click here.