How To Use Our Templates In Adobe Illustrator

Preparing Artwork
STEP 1: Open Adobe Illustrator. Go to File->Open and go to the folder where you saved the pdf Template file.

(optional) when opening pdf files with multiple pages in Adobe Illustrator, a window will open up. Open one page at a time when the PDF has multiple pages. (as shown below


STEP 2: Go to Windows > Layers to view layer(only if layer pallette is not visible) 


STEP 3:  Create a new Layer called "MyArtwork". Create your artwork on the "MyArtwork" layer. Please refer to the template for proper placing for your text & images.

STEP 4: You can hide the instruction layer or delete it. There will be guides availble for proper placement of you artwork  

Note: If your artwork has images make sure to use 300 dpi resolution for all images.

STEP 5: Once you have the artwork completed, go to File->Save and save it in PDF format.


Before sending us the final artwork please make sure to print out a hard copy on you laser printer and proof read all text. Also open the PDF file in Adobe PDF reader and zoom to 300%. Now make sure all the images are crisp and sharp. This is a very quick and easy way to make sure that the file resolution is good for printing.

For instructions on creating a Print Ready PDF, click here.