Full Color Business Card Printing vs 2 Color Business Card Printing

Printing cards in full color is much cheaper option. BUT it depends upon what your requirement is? If your business cards have a corporate logo which needs to match exactly to the Pantone color, then sometimes it is hard to match the exact color on a full color digital press, as it tries to simulate the PMS color by using 4 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Black, Yellow). So exact color match is not guaranteed. In that case you should get the cards printed on our offset presses which will make the color of the logo to match exactly to the PMS code. The only problem is these cards are not so cheap to print as it requires special ink mix, press setups and more wastage. So it  is not cost effective for small quantities.

We print all the cards in full color, so even if you have 1 or 2 colors on the cards we print them in full color, so go ahead use as many colors you can. It is very cost effective to print it this way and we can print low quantities at a very reasonable price. Our digitial presses do a great job in simulating PMS colors.

If you need to print the cards in PMS Color and have specific paper requirement then request for a custom quote.