What is Turnaround Time?

Turnaround time refers to the time it takes to physically print and finish a printed product; in other words the Turnaround time of a product is its production schedule. Turnaround time varies by product, ranging from "Same Day" to "7-10 business days". Turnaround time for a print job begins once the order has been paid for and print-ready files have been uploaded, attached and approved. If a proof was ordered, turnaround time begins when Print Papa receives approval for the proof.

Turnaround time is selected in the Pricing Calculator when mocking up a job. The link below the Turnaround time option is the projected order completion date. The projected completion date is based on when the order is  paid for and when print ready files are submitted. The screenshot below provides a visual representation of Turnaround time and includes current shop time/date.

Please note that our offices are closed Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. As a result, these days are not considered when calculating turnaround time.

In addition, turnaround time does not include shipping time, and all delivery dates should be calculated after Turnaround time.

Click here to view real time turnarounds based on order placed today with proper print ready files. See a screenshot of the Turnaround Time Table.