Get Your Book Listed On and Barnes and

You must have an ISBN number for your book in order to be listed by any online retailers. offers a program called " Advantage" that will allow you to sell your book through their website. It is free to join this program.

In order for your book listed at Barnes and you must first become listed as a "Vendor of Record" with their warehouse.

If you find that your book is listed by either or but they are not displaying the cover image or description you can submit them.

For information on submitting your cover art or book description:

For visit their Publishers and Book Sellers Guide.

For Barnes and Noble visit their: Publisher & Author Guidelines.

 A great way to reach a much wider audience is to sell your book on "How do I do that" you might ask. Well, here 4 steps to get you started.

So, you have already ordered your Soft or Hard Cover books from Awesome! You are on your way.

1. Get an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and a Barcode for your book. This will allow for more efficient marketing of products by booksellers, libraries, universities, wholesalers and distributors. For More Information, (Click Here)
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2. Sign up for Amazon Advantage. This program allows self-publishers to list items for sale on Complete and submit the online application available through the Amazon Advantage Web portal. You must submit at least one published item for sale through the Amazon Advantage program for your application to be processed. To be accepted, you must hold the North American distribution rights to the submitted work, have Internet and email access and a U.S. Bank Account.

3. Pick a list price for your book. As of 2011, the Amazon Advantage program pays 45 percent of the list price to the seller. For example, if you list your book at $10, you will receive $4.50 per sale from Amazon. Amazon pays an Advantage member for books sold during a one-month period 30 days after that month ends. For example, payment for books sold during June will be sent to a publisher in August.

4. Respond to Amazon orders for copies of your book. Amazon will contact an Advantage member once a week if they need to increase inventory. Log into your Advantage account through the Amazon website to respond to orders, indicating whether or not you can fulfill the order and when the Amazon warehouse can expect to receive the order. You will have to cover the price of shipping books to the Amazon warehouse. 

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5. Send a copy of your cover artwork to be placed on You should present a compelling graphic, which may be different from your hardback or paperback cover. Do not crowd your graphic.  Put the bare minimum of copy a reader needs to know about your book (title, author, and possibly a very short blurb – but no more than 2-5 words). Even when your cover art is enlarged it is difficult to read much more than that on-line and your cover is better served to visually excite the reader than be cluttered.