What Is The Difference Between Booklets and Newsletters?

The newsletter is a subset of the booklets the major difference being you do not have the different paper choices available for newsletters. Its only printed on 1 type of paper and also cannot print Full bleed (colors gong to the edge of the sheet) documents. The booklets however are available with 3 different paper stocks for the inside pages and option of hard or soft cover. The newsletters can also be designed to be used for direct mail and overall is a cheaper product for printing multi-page documents.

Newsletters are great for

  • Short Runs
  • Low Budget
  • Fast Turnaround

Booklets are great for

  • Catalogs
  • High end multi-page brochure

8 Page Booklet consists of 2 sheets of paper folded in half and then stapled in the middle to create a 8 page booklet. Both the Products i.e. Newsletters and Booklets offer that. You have to decide which will work the best for you. If in doubt give us a quick call or ask us for samples. Or even better if you are local stop by and check out the paper and see some samples.