2e - How To Create TWO Color Artwork In Adobe Illustrator?

2e - How To Create TWO Color Artwork In Adobe Illustrator?

If you are ordering a product that is either one or two colors then the files must have proper color separation before they can be printed. It's crucial that you learn how to color separate before your artwork is compromised. Let's learn how!

Step 1: 

The first thing we're going to do is begin with a vectored design in Adobe Illustrator.


Step 2: 

If you are used to designing in RGB or CMYK, it is best to use the spot PMS colors that the printer will use. Learn what swatch to use for PMS Printing.


Step 3:

To convert your CMYK or RGB colors to PMS colors select an object => Select => Same => Fill Color

All the objects with same color will be selected.


Now assign your desired PMS color from PANTONE SWATCH.


Step 4:

Now that you converted all the colors into PMS color, it is time to check the separations. Delete the instructions layer. Go to File > Print. Now select Output from the left side menu and change the output mode to separations. Make sure in the Document Ink Options that the printer icons are only located next to the 2 spot colors we need printed.


Step 5:

Now your artwork is ready for PMS printing. Save the final artwork as Press Quality PDF and set Standard as PDF/X-1a:2001.