How much do we charge and what is involved in Direct Mail Service?

The charge for Direct Mail Service is automatically calculated based on the number and type of mail pieces. Postage is now included in the instant calculator as part of this charge.

So what do we do when you order Direct Mail Service?

  • We verify the graphics for the mail piece and make sure that the correct Indicia is applied.
  • We process your mailing list through a specialized USPS approved software that takes care of address correction and does CASS Certification of your address list.
  • We then perform Move Update using NCOA Link Service to account for the change of addresses.
  • Your addresses are then processed and printed on to the mail pieces.
  • Your printed mail pieces are then packaged (stacked or banded) in approved USPS containers as per a certain order.
  • We print all the reports required by USPS for doing bulk mail.
  • Next, we deliver all the mail pieces to the Bulk Mail Facility located at 1720 Lundy Ave., San Jose, CA.