How to deliver MS Publisher 2003 files using the Pack & Go Wizard?

Convert colors to CMYK:

  1. By default, the Publisher treats the file as an RGB space, but for printing the colors must be converted to CMYK. Go to Tools>Commercial Printing Tools>Color Printing. Select Process Colors (CMYK) and click on OK.

Pack & GO:

  1. On the File menu, point to Pack and Go, and then click "Take to a Commercial Printing Service". The Pack and Go Wizard will take you through each step of the packing process. 
  2. When prompted by the Pack and Go Wizard, save your file for the printing service. If you pack multiple publications, save each packed publication to a separate folder, otherwise, the Pack and Go Wizard will overwrite any preexisting packed publications. 
  3. Make sure to select "Embed TrueType Fonts" and include linked graphics in the Pack and Go Wizard. 
  4. Use Winzip to zip up the content of the folder to a zip file. Upload the file directly to the order (login>My Account tab>View All Jobs>Upload Files button below order number). 
  5. If you make changes to the artwork after packing your files, run the Pack and Go Wizard again so all changes are included as part of the packed publication.