Creating Wind Slits For Your Outdoor Banner

If you plan on putting your banner outdoors to span across a street or walkway, it is a necessity to create "wind slits" in your banner. Print Papa does not offer this service, but below are some tips to create wind slits in your own banner:

What is a wind slit?

It is a slit cut into the banner with the intent of giving the wind a way to blow through the banner and reduce the stress on the banner or on how the banner is installed. Usually, the cut is made in the shape of a half-circle or half-moon.

Wind slit placement

There is no predetermined place to cut these slits into banners. But before you cut them perhaps sketch out the places where you intend to cut the banner so that you don't cut out important text or any graphics from the banners. Take a medium-sized coffee can or something similar use it as a template and cut halfway around it