Steps to setup artwork for die-cut stickers

1. Download the Die_Cut_sticker_template.pdf and open in Adobe Illustrator. This PDF has the correct color swatch and layers, so it will be easy to start. There are 3 layers as shown below.

2. Select “DIE CUT LINE” layer and make a rectangle box with the stroke color set to “PerfCutContour” and thickness to 0.25 pt. The height and width of this box should be based on what you are going to order. This is a box inside which the die-cut sticker will be printed and kiss cut.

3. Select the “MY ARTWORK” layer and create your artwork inside the PerfCutContour blue box.

4. Once you are ready to create the kiss cut line, select the layer “DIE CUT LINE” and create the shape of your sticker. Set the stroke color to “CutContour” from the swatch provided and the thickness to .25 pt.

5. (Optional) If using White or Metallic colors then make sure to set those from the Swatch provided.

6. Delete this instruction layer.

7. Save as PDF and choose Press Quality settings and upload it to your order.


  • Any art falling outside of the KISS CUT LINE will not print so keep all pertinent art/text / etc. within the magenta line
  • A minimum of 0.125 inches of BLEED outside of the KISS CUT LINE is required. So extend your art beyond the magenta line so that no white shows up.
  • The INSTRUCTIONS layer should be deleted prior to uploading art or it will not be considered print-ready. DO NOT delete the DIE-CUT LINE layer or the SWATCH. This is needed for the plotter to recognize the shape.
  • Cutting shapes smaller than .25 square inches is not recommended and art may be rejected.