How to specify Metallic or White Ink Colors on my labels and sticker file?

If you have chosen the option to "Print Full Color + Metallic + Lamination" then you will need to set up your artwork properly in Adobe Illustrator to use the metallic colors from the correct Swatch Library. If not done properly then those colors will not be printed using metallic ink, instead, they will use regular ink.

Note: You will need the free swatch library which you can download from the template section of our site. If you don't already have the swatches, please download them and add them. To use the swatch library, you will need to have Adobe® Illustrator® CS & above.


  1. Unzip the zip file to the desktop. There should be 2 Adobe Illustrator files extracted from the zip file.
  2. Launch Adobe Illustrator

Select the swatch library from the window and two new swatches will be added. This completes the settings.


 Method 1 (Simple Select) : Select Roland Metallic Color System Library from the swatch library. Here you'll find 512 preset metallic colors. All you have to do is select the color you want and you can create the artwork for metallic output.

Method 2(Custom Select): Select Roland VersaWorks from the swatch library. Among the swatches, you will find RDG_MetallicSilver. This is the metallic silver that forms the base of all metallic colors. This color can be displayed as a single color, and also with gradation.

1. Metallic Silver (single color)

2. Metallic Silver Gradation