What is the difference between DTG & Screen Printing?

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We have two ways to print (or decorate) on apparels. The 2 methods are:

  1. Direct To Garment Printing
  2. Screen Printing (1 to 4 colors)

 You will choose which method based on the 2 following main criteria:

  1. Quantity of Shirts: The Screen Printing is cost effective when you have a minimum of 36 shirts and more. This is mainly due to the setup charges. It is better to use the DTG route for quantity less than 36 as there is no setup charge and you can order just 1 shirt.
  2. Full Color (CMYK) vs. 1 to 4 Spot Colors: DTG is great for printing full color images (for e.g. people images or photographs).

See the table below to get a better understanding of when to use which method, and why. The better you understand this, the wiser you can make the decision and thus saving a lot.

Features/Printing Process Direct To Garment (DTG) Screen Printing
No. Of Colors Full Color (CMYK) 1 to 4 colors.
Minimums None. Order 1 12
Setup Fee $0 $20/color (is included in the price)
PDF Proofing Yes Yes
Rush Service 2 Days (for qty<50) 3 Days (for qty<500)
Full Color Printing (CMYK) Yes No
File Format transparent png, eps, pdf eps, color separated psd
Hard Copy Proofing Not required, as you order 1. Call for pricing.