Help Guide for Creating a Die Line

This tutorial will show you step by step how to make a die line around the artwork you
need to either cut or kiss cut or any other operations.

1. Open your artwork in Adobe Illustrator to create a die-line around the flower below.

2. Select the pen tool and draw a path around your artwork on a separate layer. Name
the layer die-line. Set the stroke color to a PMS color from the swatches and stroke
thickness to .25 pt.
Note: The dieline can be used for kiss cutting or thru-cutting. So the color of the dieline
and layer will be different for each product. Please download the correct template and
follow those instructions.
3. Select Object > Path > Offset Path. Set the Offset value.
Example 1:
If you want white border around the artwork set the offset value to 0.125. Your die-line
will be created 1/8” away from the artwork. Now delete the manually drawn outline
around your artwork.

Example 2:
if you don’t want the white border around the artwork but need a full bleed, set the
offset value to -0.125.

4. Set the stroke thickness to 0.25pt. Now your die-line is ready.
5. Save as PDF and choose Illustrator default settings.
Download the guideline pdf: die cut line guideline.pdf