Top 5 Direct Mail Marketing Do's & Don'ts

The Basics...

  • Learn the basics of direct mail marketing because mistakes are expensive.
  • Keep it SIMPLE!
  • Identify your target. Invest in quality lists, copy, creative, and printing.
  • Postage is expensive, you don’t want to waste it.
  • Measure, Measure, Measure.


  • Communicate benefits—early, often, and clearly.
  • Test lists, offers, copy, creative.
  • Create a sense of urgency with deadlines and/or incentives
  • Commit to a regular mailing schedule. Don't be a one-shot wonder.
  • Make specific goals (3 new customers) and objectives (increase product awareness) and calculate ROI (return on investment)


  • Buy cheap creative from someone who doesn't know direct mail
  • Forget that a good list and a good offer are the main ingredients of your campaign’s success.
  • Neglect to create a strong, clear obvious call to action.
  • Make it hard for recipients to purchase or respond, give them options - e-mail, web, call 800#, landing pages, text messages.
  • Forget to put several “seeds” on every mailing list.

Bonus Information

Personalization Improves ROI. Frequently by 2X to 5x the response.

An Info Trends study indicated personalized direct mail resulted in:

  • 34% faster response rates

  • 48% percent more repeat orders

  • 25% average order value increase

The Key is to personalize with RELEVANCE!