CHECKLIST For Print Ready Files

#1 - COLOR SPACE: Be sure the file is setup as CMYK instead of RGB. If you're not sure, we can convert for you for a small fee

#2 - CORRECT BLEED: Add a quarter inch bleed to your height and width (1/8" to all sides)

#3 - HI - RES IMAGES: Full size images should be no less than 150dpi, 300dpi is perfect for maximum print quality

#4 - TEMPLATES: Be sure to use our templates to ensure proper placement and sizing. Design work should not alter the template in any way.

#5 - CORRECT SAVE OPTIONS: When saving as PDF, be sure that you DO NOT DOWN SAMPLE in the options before saving

#6 - FILES BUILT TO SIZE: Build files for final product size, problems emerge when trying to scale small files to larger sizes.

#7 - WHITE TEXT: Do NOT set to overprint

#8 - BLACK TEXT: Should be 100% black and not a mix of CMYK

#9 - FOLDING JOBS: If your job has folding, PLEASE use our template to ensure the panels are correct sizes and folds line up properly