Checklist for Print Ready Artwork

This checklist ensures that the files you are uploading to your order are PRINT READY which will help prevent any delays and keep a streamlined process.
1. COLOR SPACE - Be sure the file is set up in the CMYK color mode instead of RGB. We can convert it for you for a small fee. 

2. CORRECT BLEED - Add a quarter-inch bleed to your height and width (1/8" to all sides)
(A bleed is a small area around the artwork to account for movement of paper, and design inconsistencies and ensures that no unprinted edges occur in the final trimmed document.)

3. HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGES - Full-size images should be no less than 150 dpi. 300 dpi is perfect for maximum print quality.

4. TEMPLATES - Be sure to use our templates for proper placement and sizing. Design work should not alter the template in any way. 

5. CORRECT SAVE OPTIONS - When saving as PDF, be sure that you DO NOT DOWN SAMPLE in the options before saving. 

6. FILE SIZE - Create files for the final product size. Images do not scale properly (visually) when trying to scale small files to larger sizes.

7. WHITE TEXT - DO NOT set it to overprint.

8. BLACK TEXT - It should be 100% black and not a mix of CMYK.

9. FOLDING JOBS - If your job has folding, PLEASE use our template to ensure the panels are in the correct sizes and fold up properly.
For more information on artwork preparation, please visit the following link:

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