How Do I Pay for Split Shipping?

Split shipping is currently done manually by our Customer Service team so, to ensure your order gets properly split for shipping, we ask that you follow these steps:
1. After clicking CHECKOUT, you will come to the ADDRESS page.Be sure to select IN-STORE PICKUP so that you are not charged the incorrect shipping amount. At the bottom of the page, leave a note in the comments section that reads "Split Shipping - See Email" so that our CSR team is aware of your request.
2. After placing order, note the order number and email ORDERS@PRINTPAPA.COM with the Locations, Qty Breakdowns, Preferred Shipping Method, and Due Dates when they need to arrive to their designated locations. (Please label the email subject "Split Shipping - Order #xxxxxx" & enter your current order number.)
3. Once our CSR team reviews your email, they will calculate all additional shipping and handling costs based on the provided info and contact you to collect any additional costs.
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