Full-Service EDDM (OLD)

With EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) service, you can reach all the local customers who matter the most to your business at a very low cost and with zero hassle. You don't need to know names & street addresses or need a postal permit. Simply using the EDDM Tool, identify the routes (neighborhoods) you want to target, and your printed piece is delivered to every active address in your target area by U.S. Postal Service.

We offer 2 types of EDDM service.

  1. Print Only EDDM: We print the postcards and ship it to you. For a small fee, we also offer an optional Bundling Service, where we bundle them in 100's with the facing slip. That way it is drop off ready.  BUT ... You will have to deliver it to the Post Office and pay for Postage. 
  2. Full-Service EDDM: We make it easy for you, by doing everything i.e.  Print + Bundle + Postage + Deliver to USPS, all for one price. All we need from you is the following 2 things:
        1.    Print Ready Artwork (if you don't have it, we can even do that for you)
        2.    ZipCode Route List (Excel or Text Format): Follow the steps below to generate that. Does not take more than 5 min.

Steps to generate a Zipcode Route List

1.    Visit https://eddm.usps.com (opens in a new window)
2.    Enter your business address (or the address you want to target) 

3.    Select the target radius (between 1 to 5 miles).

4.    Next, choose if you want to target Residential Only or both Residential and Businesses addresses.

5.    Now Zoom into the map, and keeping your business as the center, mouse over the routes you are interested in targeting. You will get an instant-read on the number of addresses and other demographic details. 
6.    If you want to select that route, just click on it.
7.    Repeat the above step for all the routes you want to target.
8.    On the right side, you will see the total delivery addresses based on your route selections.

9.    Click on Table to see all the routes you have selected. 

10.  Download this file my_eddm_routes.(text | excel) and enter the route number and the total address as shown below. You will upload this file along with your artwork once you completed the checkout process.

If not sure or seems too complicated, give us a call and one of our CSR will guide you through the above process.

Steps to Place Full Service EDDM Order

Once you have the ZipCode Route List then do the following steps to place the order.
1.    Enter the total Delivery address count (from step 8 above) in our instant calculator - Quantity to the Mail text box.
2.    If you need some extras, make sure to add that and enter that in the Quantity to Print text box. For e.g., if the total delivery address is 1432 and you need 68 extras then enter 1500 in this text box.

3.    Next, choose the paper option. The economical option is 100 lb gloss cover or choose 14pt for sturdiness. 

4.    UV Coating (highly recommended) gives a glossy look to the print. Also, it protects the inks from any scratches or smudges when it goes through USPS mail sorting machines. 

5.    Enter the Job name and click on Add to cart.

6.    You will upload the artwork and the routes list file once you completed the checkout process.