Why do you need pole pockets?

Pole pockets are used on some specific banner installations. The purpose of the pocket is to slide the banner over a pole. The bottom pocket is used to weigh down and add some tension to the banner. That way the creases can be reduced and a solid tensioned appearance can be achieved.

Pole pockets come with 2 inches, 3 inches, or 4 inches of material wrapped around the top, the bottom of the banner. The material of the vinyl banner gets folded on the back of the banner like hems. But it creates a pocket through which you can insert a pole.

How to set artwork for a banner with pole pockets?

The diagram below shows pole pocket allowance for a banner with 2" pockets top and bottom.

A 2" clear area is needed at the top and the bottom of the artwork. This allows 2" for the pocket. No critical text, logos, or graphics should enter this area. Background color and images are fine to enter the pocket area.

What size should your pole pocket be?

The size of these pockets will depend on the diameter of the pole being used to insert. We have shown an easy way to calculate your flat pocket size:

  Flat Pocket Size  Diameter of Pole
  2"  0.5"
  3"  1.25"

Ordering your banner

When entering your banner size and choosing the pole pocket option, please ensure your banner height is the total height including the pockets.

Creating banner artwork with pole pockets

When creating your artwork please leave the clear area where your pocket will be placed. Please make sure that no critical text, logos, or important information is within the pocket area.


Templates for pole pocket banners