Account verification

What is email verification?
It is the process of validation of any email account. We will send a 10-digit (alphanumeric) verification PIN to your registered email address. You can copy the text and put it in the Validation PIN text box and then click the Validate button. This will verify your email address.

Why is email verification required?
We may communicate with you to inform order placement, confirmation of the order, delivery, etc. This verification will ensure that you are getting our message.

How to send a validation PIN?
If your PrintPapa account is not verified during log in it will open a window saying, 'Account Verification (By Email)'. Here you can send a verification pin to the email address you used for registration by clicking the "Send Validation PIN" button.

If you do not receive a validation PIN to our email address, you can send a PIN to your US cell phone number by clicking the 'Validate by SMS' link available beneath the Validate button.

If email or SMS sending fails you can report your login issue to us by going to the link available below the 'Validate by SMS' window or you can contact us by going to the link you can also call us at 408 567 9553.

What to do if I do not get emails?
Check our email spam and junk folder. Add in our contact list to the email account you used during registering at PrintPapa.