What is Direct Mail?


Anyone who’s used Direct Mail can tell you that it’s a powerful way to deliver a message right to your customers’ doors—and bring more business through your own.


The U.S. Postal Service has made it easier than ever to build your business with Direct Mail. Start here and learn smart and imaginative ways to plan a Direct Mail advertising campaign, plus discover useful tips and helpful resources to make your Direct Mail produce strong results.

  • Start out by discovering exactly how powerful Direct Mail can be in growing your customer base.
  • Learn how to plan your first Direct Mail campaign—from budgeting to making an appealing offer.
  • Find out how to build and maintain an effective mailing list.
  • Learn how easy-to-use software can help you design and print a professional-looking mail piece.
  • Get advice on the most budget-efficient ways to deliver your message.


Direct Mail is a valuable, cost-effective way to tell your customers who you are, and what your business offers. Get to know Direct Mail, and let your customers get to know you. Save time and money and let us mail out your postcards