How to compress large files

Compressing Large files (338873-1 Example)

Example: Customer original file is 350 Mb. It was reduced down to 67 Mb.

Step 1: Manual Prefight customer file(s) in Photoshop. 
1. Change to CMYK 
2. Flatten Transparencies 
3. Flatten Layers 

Step 2: In Photoshop, change the image resolution to 200 DPI.
Go to IMAGE > IMAGE SIZE. In the window, change the Resolution to 200 DPI.

Step 3: Save the Image as PDF (Press Quality) and change the Compression settings. 
FILE > SAVE AS > PDF. Under the Compression settings make sure to choose Press Quality. Under Options make sure to change this value to 200 DPI also. Compression should be left as JPEG and Image Quality set to Maximum. 
SAVE the new file.