Designer’s Guide to Foil Based Artwork.

1.  Borders are not allowed.
Due to the soft touch laminations, there is always a slight movement when positioning the foil elements over your design. We have noticed a 1mm to 3m off registration in any direction causing the misalignment. So putting a border on your design can create an uneven borderline after foiling.

2: Keep the lines thick on your design.
Lines or intricate details are thinner than a 1pt thickness should be avoided. If you keep lines that are too thin then the foil will not stick properly and your small details will disappear.

3: Do not use tiny fonts for foiling.
Make sure you use a font that is above 8pt. if you want the font to be foiled. Anything smaller than that, again the foil will not be able to stick to the font properly.

4: Do not create a knock-out effect.
Knock-out graphics (border, drop shadow, transparency, etc.) are not allowed. The art imprint on the bottom should be completely solid. The knock-out graphic may not align precisely with the foil art.

5: Avoid tight registration.
Tight registrations on the artwork should be avoided as the foil position may get shifted and may go totally off registration.

Here is what the correct artwork should look like: