How to generate print ready pdfs from canva?

Steps to prepare your print-ready designs from Canva.
1. Select the Canva template you want to be printed

2. Go to the file menu => Settings => click the "Show margins" option.

3. When you click on the show margins, you can see a dashed line border will appear on your design pages. Keep important artwork and text inside this margin. This is called a safe margin. This margin is to ensure that the important texts or design elements are not cut when printed.

4. Again go back to the file menu => Settings => click the "Show print bleed". 

When you do that it adds a second dashed frame close to the edges of your design and extends your design background just a little to add bleed to your design. This is to ensure that there is no white border seen after trimming your printed material.

5. Now if you are done with your design, click the Share button. Now click on the "Download" option. You will notice there are 2 pdf options. But you always have to use "PDF Print" for print. This will download your design with the highest resolution and is 300 dpi.

6. Select the PDF Print.

7. Check crop marks and bleed. Select CMYK as a color profile and hit download.

8. Your design is ready to get printed. Always check with us and ensure the artwork is good to go.

You can also see the video to understand the process.