How do i create a PDF using Primo PDF

Primo PDF is a utility for Windows based computers which allows you to produce print quality PDFs from any application including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point

  1. Please download the utility and install it.
  2. From the application in which you are designing your artwork, like Microsoft Word, Power Point, Publisher - go to File->Print
  3. Choose the Primo PDF printer.
  4. Click on Print. Make sure to do the Page Setup properly.
  5. You will see the following dialog (the following is for PrimoPDF V4 -later version may look different):
  6. Select the Pre-Press Setting.
  7. Click on the Save As button to choose a directory and file name for the PDF.
  8. Click on "Create PDF" to start the conversion process.
  9. You have now converted your file to a proper PDF which can be uploaded to a Print Papa order.