UV Coating

UV (Ultra Violet) coating is a liquid type of varnish that will give a certain look as if it were laminated. UV coating dries ink printed on paper instantly. After it passes through the extremely intense Ultra Violet lights, the ink will be dried. UV coating has many advantages when UV coating is applied. The printed material will never fade off while it is in someone's wallet, hand, or even if it's been sitting in the sun for a while.


UV coating can increase the life of printed products that are handled on a daily basis such as business cards. Although UV coating cannot waterproof a printed product as lamination does, UV coating is water repellent.

Products such as postcard mailers are good candidates for UV coating, though if they feature a side that must be written on or printed on that side should not be coated... as it is difficult to write on a side that is UV coated. It is not possible to print on a product that has been UV Coated.


With high gloss UV coating, the colors of your printed product are more vibrant, with high visual impact. A Presentation Folder that has UV coating on the outside is not only protected but looks professional as well.

Can I write or print on UV Coating?
No, it is very hard to write unless you are using markers.


For the products offered on www.printpapa.com, there is no size limitation for UV coating. If you would like your custom product to be UV coated please include that request on your custom quote form.


Only coated stocks can be UV coated (after printing). For example, we can coat 100lb Gloss Cover, but not an uncoated stock. We are not able to UV coat text stock.