Paper Weights and Types

There are two types of paper offered on Cover stock and Text stock. Cover stock is thicker type of paper suited for products that require greater durability, such as business cards. Text stock on the other hand is lighter and more flexible. This high quality paper is ideal for products that will have a wide distribution such as flyers, brochures, or letterheads. A few different kinds of papers in their different weights are:
  • Bond: Usually reserved for letterheads, business forms, and quick printing jobs. 16# for forms, 20# for copying, and 24# for stationary.
  • Text: A high-quality sheet with a lot of texture. Ranges in weight from 60# to 100#, but the most common weights are 70# or 80#
  • Uncoated Book: The most common sheet for offset printing. Usually a 50# to 70# stock.
  • Coated Book: A glossy sheet that yields vivid colors and excellent reproduction. Print Papa uses 70# for high quality inside book pages
  • Cover: Used for book covers, postcards, and business cards. Coated or uncoated. Come in 60#, 65#, 80# or 100# weights

The 14 pt Cover is our thickest card stock and very stiff. This stock perfect for business cards, postcards, bookmarks, and booklet covers. The 14 pt Cover stock is also made from recycled, post consumer products and very durable.

What is uncoated paper?

Paper that does not have any kind of coating applied is uncoated paper. Uncoated paper is available in many different finishes, colors, and weights and is generally more absorbent than coated papers.

Smooth paper-Smooth paper has a smooth finish, it is pale, clean, has highly printable shades, and has wide ranges of basis weights. Smooth paper has excellent print quality within an affordable budget.

Linen paper-Linen paper has a refined texture to it, has a fresh palette of pale and bold shades, wide ranges of basis weights. Performs well with all printing and imaging platforms.

Felt paper-Felt paper  has a distinctive felt-marked texture, revitalized color-palette, wide range of basis weights, and works well for digital color production.

Vellum paper-Vellum paper has a rich, velvety finish, revitialized color palette, some have texture on it and has a wide range of basis weights.

Satin paper-Satin paper has a super smooth finish as if it were satin, focused color palette of popular whites and has a wide range of basis weights. Satin paper works equally well in offset and toner-based applications.

Laid paper-Laid paper has a traditional laid finish (soft, yet crisp texture), a classic looking color palette, and has popular basis weights.

Cotton paper-Cotton paper has a smooth and light cockle finish, it has a color palette of popular bright white and natural colors.