PrintPapa Course of Production

Ordering Process
Below is an explanation of the course of production your order will go through at Print Papa:

  1. New Order: After you have placed an order via our website, it enters our system as a “New Order”. This is then processed by our CSR Department and sent to the next dept.
  2. Graphics: If you have ordered design work or your artwork needs to be fixed/altered in anyway, it will be sent to graphics. Once that is done, your artwork goes to the next dept.
  3. Proofing: You have three choices for proofing. You can either order an PDF or digital proof, order a Hard Copy proof or you can have both. The PDF Proof will be sent first via email, followed by a Hard Copy Proof mailed upon the approval of your PDF.
  4. Pre-Press: At this time, your proofs have been approved and we are ready to impose your print job and send it to press.
  5. Press: Depending on what you ordered, your print job is sent to press on either the digital press (HP Indigo), the offset press (Prestek DI) or the large format press (the Roland).
  6. UV Coating: After your job has been printed, if you ordered UV Coating to protect your jobs heavy ink coverage, the UV Coating department is the next stop.
  7. Bindery: Once your job has been printed and UV Coated, it then needs to be cut, bound or folded. This area has the most hands on tasks and tends to take the longest.
  8. Quality Control: Each job is inspected for quality over the duration of its production but, after leaving Bindery, each job is inspected one last time.
  9. Packaging: Once the job has passed QC, it is then carefully packaged and boxed in a manner that insures maximum safety and preservation of quality during shipping.
  10. Shipping/Will Call/Delivery: You have a few options at PrintPapa when it comes to getting your printed products. You can either have them shipped to you, you can come pick them up or our driver can make local drop offs.